I quite enjoy this patterned gown on Naomi Watts — it’s a very cheerful, delicate contrast to the subject of her movie, The Impossible, which is supposed to be excellent but also gut-wrenching.

But what I can’t decide is whether any tweaking would make it even better. For instance, what if we clip the wings and make it sleeveless, or cap-sleeved? What if it nipped in at the waist instead of at the knees, thus creating a more flowy, unimpeded skirt? What if I couldn’t think of a third idea, thwarting my attempt at honoring the rule of threes? Obviously I am a dangerous rebel.

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  • I love it as-is (71%, 4,523 Votes)
  • I love it with changes I will enumerate in the comments (19%, 1,211 Votes)
  • I really don't like it and would change HER out of it (10%, 630 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,364

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