Here is my holiday wish for this show: Send Teddy and Peggy away to live on an island somewhere with Powers Boothe (sorry, dude, but the mayoral stuff kills the show), dirty up Tami a bit so she’s not always such a freaking hero all the time, because we like Connie Britton and we will forgive her character some bad choices as long as they’re justified, because then we can enjoy agonizing over them; make the obstacle between her and Deacon being together NOT just be her boring husband, whom she clearly has not seen naked in five years; and keep her in the juicy scandalous music world, which, further, needs to be more juicy and scandalous. Even a role reversal where she becomes a hot doped-up mess and Deacon kicks her to rehab would work for me. I love lots of components of this show, and the music is fabulous, but right now it’s too protective of Tami’s sainthood and Absolute Correctness, and isn’t giving her enough avenues for sin. ┬áPLEASE MORE SIN.

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