Yikes. Surely Rooney Mara’s hair looks like this because she’s about to film another Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie, yes?

Parenthetically, that movie looks great, judging from the previews, and she looks like a bad ass in it – not at all like the girl who broke up with Jesse Eisenberg in the opening scene of The Social Network (although, actually, that girl was also kind of awesome). I know she had to change her hair dramatically, and she’s talked about having to lose weight for the role as well, and I’m sure it can be tough to dress yourself for events when you’re still bodily In Character. That said, I actually think this look (although it’s kind of ghastly at the moment) can be saved. The first step, I think, might be to swap out her lipstick. That is Bad-Ass Shit-Kicker lipstick, and this is a 1936 Garden Party dress — her head looks like it should be hacking into my bank account while her body is getting ready to dance with someone who might turn out to be a secret Nazi sympathizer (although, in fairness, that girl is going to need to kick some ass at some point as well).  But let’s try a more neutral lip color and make the dress a deeper pink, and we might be in business. What do you think?