At first I thought Emilie de Ravin here played Sleeping Beauty on Once Upon A Time, so I was all ready with my cracks about how “sleep” was the operative word because this outfit was giving me narcoleptic fits. But then I did my homework and she is actually Belle, so I can still write a totally hacky introduction intimating that if she is the beauty, then perhaps this outfit is THE BEAST:

Let’s break this into pieces, which should be easy, as there is basically nothing holding this outfit together except basic physics. I don’t mind the cardigan, if it were with, say, a simple tank and skinny jeans. It doesn’t play well with the shoes, which are otherwise cute. The blouse is a dowdy transparent disaster that washes her out, and somehow, everything together looks wickedly inexpensive — like she expected to get mauled by Lost fans and ripped apart at the seams, so she just brought a hundred-dollar bill into Forever 21, closed that sucker down, and went on a rampage.

Maybe if the blouse were lined? But that still doesn’t fix the fact that it’s making her look sallow. Better makeup might help. And the closer I get to the jacket, the less I like it — up above I thought maybe it was sequins, just a touch of groovy sparkle, but up close it’s just a very ritzy cocktail jacket that clearly was custom-made to go with what the grandmother of the bride is wearing, and it got nicked when she got up to lead the conga line. I am pretty sure Sue Ellen Ewing owns one. And don’t get me wrong, I cherish Sue Ellen Ewing, but she’s got 40 years on Emilie. Let’s not be in a hurry to be seventy.

What would you do with these separates to make them feel like a whole?