So, Tyra has launched her Modelland website which…I don’t totally understand exactly, but that is how I prefer my Tyra Banks content, to be honest. It says (in part):

ModelLand is a wondrous place in Santa Monica, CA where everyone can live the ultimate modeling fantasy. The first-of-its-kind, story-driven attraction features fashion AND beauty, photoshoots AND runways, shopping AND theatre…AND most importantly, YOU. No two visits to ModelLand will ever be alike. Even friend groups who come together will have their own individual experience at ModelLand.

The best I can figure is that it’s….like, you get to play-act that you’re on ANTM, sort of? (I think it might be if ANTM took over Glamour Shots, which honestly is a very good idea.) (They should maybe include an escape room component, though.) It sounds potentially fun yet also possibly nightmarish, and I look forward to some enterprising young NY Mag freelancer going to check it out and writing an amusing piece about it. Regardless, I treasure Tyra Banks as a member of human society and also someone who walks around in outfits:

'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' TV Show, New York, USA - 24 Feb 2020

Is she just wholly self-branded? Yes. But I would expect nothing less.

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