Back when this happened, Tessa joked that she looked  “like a loofah” and I love her for that. At the time, I also suggested that she looks like: Belle from Beauty and the Beast at Studio 54, a sentient Easter basket hell-bent on earthly destruction, and Liza Minnelli’s show-stopping costume for the Act I closer of a Pushing Daisies musical in which she plays a lemon meringue pie.  (I also noticed that in said old post, I referred to “LISA Minnelli,” whom I can only assume is a Minnelli cousin who is really mad at her parents for calling her that.) In the fullness of time, I think she also looks like: a magical creature who shall appear at the stroke of midnight to grant me one wish; a woman who is very upset that the Rose Parade is cancelled and is making herself into a series of cheery floats all holiday season; and a sartorial salute to lemon sorbet, the best of the sorbets. I’m into it.

[Photo: Shutterstock]