Apparently I’m watching The Voice now, too. This past month or two truly was a time when I went back to Olden Days and just… turned on whatever happened to be airing in that moment. This is how I came to discover what Gwen wore on Monday night, and there was an episode last night that I accidentally deleted in which she wore something slightly less bonkers:


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She also performed her first non-Christmas, non-country song in four years, and it is… listen, she has never been my absolute favorite artist, but she’s churned out a few bops between her solo career and No Doubt. This song. “Let Me Reintroduce Myself,” is really just her kind of speak-shouting at us about how she’s still here and unchanged and you should not forget that you loved her but you should ALSO continue to love her. And it’s a stream of nonsense lyrics: “Na-na, na-na-na / Got a smile on my face, go ahead and pass it on / Na-na, na-na-na / It’s free with a coupon, coupon.” The Genius website was saying this is a wink at the time she used “coupon” in “Don’t Speak,” but that song is about infidelity and this one… is not. I think she just likes the word.

And then there’s: “The simple recipe to get the best of me / Homegrown ingredients, that’s what made you mess with me / In the first place, ’cause you know I’m like organic / And it tastes great, I already gave you bananas.” That’s presumably a nod to how she spelled out “bananas” in “Hollaback Girl,” but sheesh. I’m a little worried that this could pass for an entry in a junior high poetry slam.

[Photos: NBC/CTV/The Voice]