It should be the setup for a rollicking joke, one which will turn out to be entirely on them, but… astonishingly, a Kardashian might actually win this outright, without even a technicality. It will not, however, be the Kardashian who took home an actual honor at this CFDAs. Kim received an Influencer award, which seems to me like a thin excuse to garner some attention, much like when Anna finally conceded her a Vogue cover. USA Today may have thrown some subtle shade on Kim’s honor when describing the intro from Busy Philipps as “generous”:

“You’ve changed the way the world looks at fashion in so many fundamental ways,” Phillips [sic] said. “You have given a rise to a revolution in women’s bodies and shapes, radically redefining the aspirational female form. Your ownership over your own body and how it is seen, your openness with your femininity and your sexuality, is truly empowering and the ultimate feminist statement.”

It is at least not untrue that Kim has had an effect on the world around her — evidenced by the number of people we see on red carpets who cause us to think, “Oh, you are SO trying to become a Kardashian,” even if we don’t mean it as a compliment.

For her part, Kim tried to get heartfelt, but first opened with a joke that has the ring of truth to it:

“I’m kind of shocked I’m getting a fashion award when I’m naked most of the time,” she cracked, before getting sentimental about her fashion industry achievements.

“It was maybe seven years ago when I had a publicist, and she asked, what were my goals, what were my dreams, and I said I just wanted to be on the cover of a fashion magazine,” she recalled. “And she said, let’s (make) some realistic goals because that will never happen. And so, of course I sent her my Vogue cover when it came out. An autographed copy. So it’s really a trip to me that now I’m here getting an award for fashion when it’s something I always loved. Thank you so much for this, it means a lot.”

You can’t deny Kim wears a lot of labels, and she’s made Balmain way more of a household name. But I still feel like a lot of people were either rolling their eyes. Or in their graves.

[Photos: Andrew H. Walker/WWD/REX/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock]