This is amazing. I cannot stop laughing. I have MISSED YOU, Kristen Stewart:

I have missed you, and I am so thrilled that when the kind folks at Chanel decided to see if YOU would be the celeb who would agree to wear drawstring waisted, wide-legged leather pants that look like something we’d see in the background of a terrible 80s movie about Jazzercise playing on Lifetime in the 3:15am slot, you did not let them down, and in fact you did not back out of being Karl’s new muse when you saw this. I’m likewise pleased as the proverbial punch that the classic “Does This Outfit Make My Ass Look Big?” sweater-around-the-bum look (seen in the terrible early 90s movie about stalkers seen on Lifetime in the 6:30am slot) has come back, because sometimes you DO want to know where you can stick your cardigan when you get too hot walking home from the market. Now I just can wrap it around my tuchas and call it “fashion” again, just like we did at my hyper-unfashionable girls school back in 199muttermumble. Don’t look so terrifically cranky, darling. You’ve just done a huge favor for those of us who love layers, and you know those pants are working hard at sweating off any Thanksgiving weight for you. Everything’s coming up K. Stew!

[Photo: Getty]