Tory Burch decided to drop the D word in the show notes for her latest collection — that being, “Diana.” But then this quote on kind of pulled back on it a little:

Scroll through your Instagram feed on any given day, and you’re likely to see pictures of [Diana] striding confidently in an oversize blazer, her faded blue jeans tucked into riding boots; or post-workout in a sweatshirt and bike shorts with can-do trainers on her feet. Decades later, Diana’s look feels suddenly right again. “She was a style icon, so I didn’t want to go there,” Burch said backstage. “This is our own take on the ’80s.”

But just a very small piece of the ’80s, because Fashionista clarifies that it’s less her post-Chuck life and more about her early days as a Sloane Ranger, which would be 1980 to early 1981. It seems to manifest mostly in flowy shirt dresses, maybe a little volume at the sleeve, and florals — still very much Tory’s aesthetic but with some throwback touches. Overall, my feeling is that while the “Princess Diana” concept may have been tossed around so liberally because it’s catnip right now on social media, the collection does actually take things that vaguely connect to her — dots, neck bows, some silhouettes — and give them a more modern life. The influence is there, but it’s not a campy, dated carbon copy. What do you think?