I mean, IN FAIRNESS, she’s also walking around because she’s promoting her new Netflix show, The I-Land and I don’t mind telling you that it took a VERY long time for me to get that title. I had to read the description on IMDb before it clicked:

When ten people wake up on a treacherous island with no memory of who they are and how they got there, they set off on a trek to try to get back home, only to discover the world is not as it seems. Faced with the island’s extreme psychological and physical challenges, they must rise to their better selves — or die as their worst ones.

I-land/island get it? Anyway, I assume it’s Lost-ish; Alex Pettyfer is also in it and I assume he’s not being asked to promote it because he’s widely known to be an a-hole, while I think everyone knows Kate Bosworth is going to show up in something interesting-looking to promote her show and be a g-d professional. (Reboot Blue Crush, Kate! You can be the bitter ex-surfer who learns to love again after taking in two young girls who need your surfing guidance and life lessons! It’ll be SO GOOD.)

Anyway! That first look is super, to me. She always looks elegant in that sort of Upper East Side kind of vibe and this works on her.

This is almost there:

Kate Bosworth Makes A Change During a Press Day in NY

But I feel like the dude in the shorts back there, with the thoughtful expression, is wondering, “is that illusion netting? And if so — did we really need it?”

[Photos: Sophie Fritz/startraksphoto.com,  Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com]