Not that I think she necessarily is trying to fool anyone; she probably just doesn’t feel the need to announce to People or whomever that she’s got a Mumford-Mulligan in the oven, and obviously that’s her Celebrity Prerogative. (I just like confirmation when I am RIGHT about people’s Suspected Impending Babies, that’s all. I totally figured out one of my coworkers’ pregnancies back in the day when I had an office job, basically right off the bat. “I KNOW YOU KNOW,” she said, when she told me, which was terrifically satisfying because I love to be correct. I figured out my AP Euro history teacher was pregnant early on when I was 15. I am proud of my Super Weirdo Pregnancy Psychic Skills is all, you guys. IT’S ALL I HAVE. IT’S MY ONE SKILL.) Anyway, potential babies aside: I like this on her, I think. It’s very basic, but the color is delightful and the bracelets are divine. I’m watching an episode of Friends as I write this, and Joey and Chandler are fighting about bracelets, and I’m just so glad Carey and I don’t have to argue about her accessories.

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