It came to my attention while I was watching Below Deck¬†that Toni Collette is in the new adaptation of The Power,¬†a book I haven’t read because it came out in 2016 and I was A SHELL OF A BEING from 2016-2021ish, but have only heard good things about. I’m VERY interested to hear what those of you who have read the book think of the casting, because Wiki just told me that one male role was originally Rainn Wilson, then Tim Robbins, and now finally Josh Charles, and that Toni Collette’s part was originally Leslie Mann. (They had a lot of issues because the pandemic kept pushing back the filming schedule, and they were going to film in Georgia but moved to Vancouver in the wake of Georgia enacting their strict six-week abortion ban.) ANYWAY, now I am going to request it from the library! And as far as Toni here goes…I’m feeling this. She look like she knows Secrets and could cast spells from the shadowy and beautiful tower room of her stately manor. POWER-ful, even? Ugh, I’m sorry. I just could not resist.

[Photo by John Nacion/Shutterstock]