Friends! We meet again. (Last time, we were talking about the US Nationals, and you can read all about that here.) Worlds was this past weekend and once again…I did not watch it due to the fact that I was staring at the wall in a fugue state.* Which means that I am going to be making WILD ASSUMPTIONS on people’s routines based mostly on their outfits and facial expressions, and the various bits and pieces of moaning that I read on Twitter, and I welcome those of you who truly know what happened to weigh in with facts. (It will be useful for me to know what’s actually going on before the Olympics next year.) From what I can tell: Nathan Chen continues to kill it (despite falling in his short program); the Russian women swept the podium, and still really love gloves (and also fell quite a bit?); ice dancing is (as usual) a bit up for grabs; and US pairs figure-skating is a flaming, trash-filled van with an inoperable emergency brake currently careening down a hill toward a ravine.  Does that cover it?

As usual, I’ll be covering the top three finishers in each discipline, but I’m also throwing in Noteworthy Looks for other folks for fun. Some of the women looked gorgeous this go ’round, and also there was a non-zero number of folks who looked like they might be mimes?

*I’m just being cheeky. I was not actually in a fugue state! I just dropped the ball!

[Photos: Raniero Corbelletti/AFLO/Shutterstock, Pontus Lundahl/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock, Anders Wiklund/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock, Jessica Gow/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock, IBL/Shutterstock, Martin Meissner/AP/Shutterstock]