By this point, Gwyneth had already won the Globe for Shakespeare in Love, so she had to at least think there was a chance she’d snag a SAG as well. She did at least shop for a fancy label — this is Gucci — but as we all know that is often a trap, and here she tripped and fell face first into a puddle of dirty mop water. It’s probably not as bad as it looks here, because this is harsh TV lighting, so let’s consider it on the red carpet:

Fifth Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

At least her hair looks brushed? And the gown looks pinker, rather than a dingy attic-faded taupe. But while the light here is nicer, the photo itself — being slightly more distant — downplays the harsh darts and seams. Gwyneth presumably picked this dress and saw it up close with her own eyes, and still, it’s just… the least. She looks like she wandered over from the stage of a ballet about a girl who naps a lot. It would be called A Hard Day’s Nightgown, and honestly, it would have closed quickly because the plot put people to sleep by the sheer power of suggestion.

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