Continuing our treatise on misproportioned clothing in the twenty-aughts, this 2005 photo of model Kylie Bax reminded me about the times people tried to convince the world that teeny tiny cardigans were a stellar idea. I am both sure I owned one, and equally sure I never actually tried it. I was the captain of the S.S. Get Sucked Into It In The Store, And Then Come To My Senses Outside The Return Window. What were we doing? If you were around and responsible for clothing yourself when this was trendy, did you ever fall into it? How did it go, and how did it end? And if you weren’t, or even if you WERE, would you try it if and when the Aughts come back around? Is it the kind of thing that looks tempting if you weren’t there the first time? Personally, I think Kylie looks like she cut arm holes in a brothel’s valance. But that may be an insult to brothels.

[Photo: Shutterstock]