This photo was taken 19 years ago today, of Aaron “Breaking Bad” Paul and Samaire “The O.C.” Armstrong, whom I assume was his girlfriend for a while. And yes, her boot-cut ultra-low pelvic bone pants are going to be in The Museum of the Aughts someday, in the “Whaaat?” room. But what I can’t figure out is why Aaron is… just why, Aaron. Is that a child’s puffer vest, or does it merely LOOK like one because the pants are riding low and the t-shirt (and his scarf, his SCARF, THAT SCARF) is hanging long? Had he just watched Back to the Future, and really related to Marty McFly’s fashion choices? The Museum of the Aughts is going to have a special exhibit called, “Out of Proportion: Skewering Skewed Fashion,” and I can’t wait. Does it need a curator? I’m available.

[Photo: Shutterstock]