It isn’t that Taylor Kitsch doesn’t work; he just doesn’t perhaps work with the frequency one might have expected after he was Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights. I think John Carter and Battleship really doomed him. One twist of fate, or better taste in scripts, and it could have been so different and HE could have broke into the MCU from teen dramas instead of freaking Chris Pratt (who is the star of this show, hence why I’m bringing him up). It just goes to show that, as much luck and work as it takes to get even a toehold in Hollywood, it takes even more to keep yourself there, if that’s what you want. Anyway, Taylor lives in Montana, so I hope he’s decided to embrace the rugged quiet life as much as possible, and just work to afford a bunch of beautiful horses for riding around the countryside, maybe in a hat, probably without a shirt… yes.

[Photos: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock]