Now THIS is more what I expected to see during this fallow period: Celebrities getting creative with their photo ops, and their supplementary income. This particular joint venture with Arby’s is philanthropic in nature, aimed at the 30 million kids who can’t afford their school lunches, and in total seriousness sounds like a necessary donation even if I’m not entirely sure how Tiffany Haddish is actually participating. The press release says, “[T]he [Arby’s] Foundation is teaming up with beloved celebrity Tiffany Haddish to donate $1 million dollars to communities across the country to help relieve school lunch debt.” Does that mean Tiffany Haddish is providing some of that $1 million? Or that she’s just… going around raising awareness that $1 million will be donated, while looking cute in fun shoes? Or eating with adorable, happy children?

Tiffany Haddish and friends meet for lunch at Arby's, Los Angeles, California, USA - 22 Aug 2023

Tiffany is like, “I will ONLY partake of your soda machine, thank you. You didn’t pay me Big Beef and Cheddar bucks.”

[Photos: Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock]