This — very cute!! — look was sported at the “EM Fest by EMSCULPT Festival” in Huntington Beach and that is, per Prof Google, “a one-day festival of curated lifestyle experiences,” a statement that could truly mean anything. Getting chased through the streets by people dressed like zombies is technically a “curated lifestyle experience.” Its website is clearer; there was music — including Fug Madness Cinderella story of yore Ryan Cabrera — as well as fitness events (including from Brooke Burke, who does have a lot of photos like “Brooke Burke does yoga in her backyard” on Getty Images), and “health and wellness panels” featuring experts, including Tiffany here, who looks great, but who I do not think of as a wellness expert, but her panel was called “Spill the Tea” and I assume it was about the importance of laughter and community or something. That could technically be considered wellness? Anyway, I hope they paid her well and her outfit does make me feel better? So there you go.

Photo by Michael Simon/Shutterstock