The specific things Thom Browne was thinking of with his Fall 2021 offerings: “the Olympics, monochrome, athleticism under the guise of formalism… The most mind-boggling pieces are made of curved plissé, inspired, Browne says, by the lines ice-skaters make on the rink and those that slalom skiers do as they race down the mountain, as Lindsey Vonn does in Browne’s dreamlike Fashion Week film.” I relate more to the parts of the story where he is like, “GO BIG,” and unabashedly embraces being one of the zanier couturiers (my words), but anyway: Vonn anchors the collection by starring in its first and final photos, all drawn from the film set of this piece:

This honestly could also be a sizzle reel for a horror movie, if cut differently. As presented, it’s a languid ten minutes, starting with a Wizard of Oz homage and then turning into beautiful, slow shots of Lindsey skiing past an array of Thom Browne outfits — and getting to watch her do that is a delight, because a usual ski race is so fast that you don’t get to sit with their talent for very long before the next person is up. Relax into the whoosh, and then enjoy the photos, and my weird theory that this is a Mary Poppins netherworld.

[Photos: Imaxtree]