My headline is not an exaggeration; that is the title of the album from our photo service, and there are pictures of her inside Whole Foods at the register. (I didn’t realize this shot was slightly blurry until after I grabbed it. I’m surprised that’s even in the batch.) What we don’t know is whether Rihanna was out somewhere else beforehand, or if her idea of throwing on clothes for a midnight grocery trip involves that many pearls. Her bottom half is what I would recognize as “Shoot, I’m out of cucumbers,” the hat is what I would call, “Shoot, I’m out of cucumbers, and my hair looks RIDICULOUS right now” — ballcaps being my own go-to strategy for pretending my hair situation is totally fine — and the rest is like Anne Hathaway after her Devil Wears Prada makeover. Who has that kind of energy late at night? Rihanna, apparently. But not anyone I know.

[Photo: Shutterstock]
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