Okay! I finally decided to investigate what Taylor Schilling is actually promoting, which I’m sure is what she wanted me to do — that is, after all, why people promote stuff. It’s a movie called¬†Family, which the LA Times liked, and which apparently involves Juggalos. I might be in?

I also might be in for this look. The jeans/tee/heels/lipstick are classics, but the blazer looks like the quirky vintage piece that you buy when you realize that you are sliding into the part of your life where you are excited to look, at least partially, like someone’s eccentric aunt. For what it’s worth, that was me from 18-26, and also me, from now to my demise.

This, on the other hand…

Hadestown Broadway Opening Night

…well, it’s not going to¬†cause my demise, but it’s not going to stave it off much.

[Photo: ROGER WONG/INSTARimages.com]