I think we all fell in love with Emma Raducanu a bit during her U.S. Open run — both she and Leylah Annie Fernandez were such a pleasure to watch — and it’s nice to see her out and about, sporting a lively cocktail frock from Dior that fits her beautifully. It’s fun and young and built for someone with those legs (remind me again why I don’t play tennis?) and I don’t have a single witty thing to say about it.

Edited: Someone pointed out that the image might be Leda and the swan, and my eyes just missed the swan part completely, but it has to be — the closing dress of the show was rooted in that mythology. Wikipedia described it as Leda being “seduced, or raped” by Zeus while he was a swan, and like… those two things are not the same, no matter how much General Hospital tried to claim Luke “seduced” Laura on the dance floor. Anyway, I agree that is… a very odd image, even if the dress itself works.

So anyhoo, I will move on and instead use this post to talk about another truly awesome brunette: JESSICA WAS ON JEOPARDY LAST NIGHT, which is the U.S. Open of quiz shows — see, a tie-in! — and I’m just so proud of my brilliant friend. Even just seeing her handwriting on the screen made me verklempt. So if you missed it, or it was pre-empted, then… I don’t know. Maybe try Hulu, or the ABC website or app if you have a cable login? Anyway, she’s the best. And she looked gorgeous, as does Emma here, so I think that officially counts as tying these two plot threads into a bow.

But we can also turn this into a general brag post for anyone who’s got something cool going on that they’re proud of. What’s up, Fug Nation? Let us celebrate you too.

[Photo courtesy of Dior]