The inspiration for this dress was Marlene Dietrich dressed as the Greek queen Leda, whom mythology suggests was impregnated by Zeus when he disguised himself as a swan. I have a lot of notes — for one, my lady, you need not lie with water fowl — but it does seem to be an accurate representation of the photo. However, if she didn’t also realize people would deploy the word “Bjorkian” in every write-up, then she was short-sighted. The rest of this is… a whole lot. There are gowns, there is LV-esque sportswear, there are bathrobes, there are harnesses, there are leather breastplates, kooky glasses! Some of it repetitious enough that I really think those should’ve just walked the runway side by side (did we need both slides 4 and 14, or 74 and 75?), and much of it feels like stuff other lines have mined already. I popped up with a couple suggestions here and there, and the lion’s share of the gowns come out at the end, but mostly it was sensory overload.

[Photos: Imaxtree]