I know that I make a lot of Judith Krantz jokes on this website, and that many of you younger readers are like, “what even are you talking about, grandma?” — and I encourage you sweet summer children to go to your local library or zing over to the bookstore and at least pick up Scruples, because it was a giant bestseller for a reason and that reason is that it’s a very fun read — but all you need to know is that everyone in all of her books dressed just like this.  It was always 1983, and almost all of them were planning to take the face of a terrible man and shove it right into her marabou-feathered top, so that he thought he was about to get lucky, and she knew that she was actually smothering him to death as payback, before strolling out in her giant pleated, tapered-leg leather pants and getting into her Corvette and possibly fleeing the country. But just one note, Olga: To really pull off this Krantz cosplay — Krantzplay? — your hair needs to be much, MUCH bigger.

[Photo by James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock]