It’s finally here: The Saved By The Bell reboot nobody realllllly asked for, of a show I don’t know that I ever consciously DECIDED to watch — it was more that it would happen to be on during time slots when I was not spoiled for choice. Instead of Appointment TV, it was Available TV. Now that we actually have to work to find it — the show will air on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock — how will it fare? I guess we’ll find out, but the trailer is… uneven at best:

And WHAT is that song at the end? It’s as bad as the original theme. Anyway: Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez are the only regulars returning full-time; Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen are listed as “recurring” and Lark Voorhies, Dustin Diamond, and Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins are not involved at all. I’m sure we are all on tenterhooks whether they can get Tori Spelling to reprise her bespectacled, snorting, braided geek-stereotype. I have a hard time imagining adults OR kids will seek or find this, much less get Peacock for it, but… it’s a pandemic, and so we all have to fill our gaping voids however we can.