Los Angeles Confidential Magazine's Fall Fashion Issue Celebration

KIM: Children of America, wear your seatbelts. And to show that I am right there with you, I am wearing one right now.
KOURTNEY: To be honest, I have no f’ing clue what I am wearing right now, or why, but I do know that somebody who does interior design for brothels tried to stick me on her dashboard. 
KIM: You are wearing the fabric samples belonging to an interior designer who specializes in brothels.  Children of America, this is the wrong choice.
KOURTNEY: Oh, yeah? Well, Children of America, leather tank tops look stupid, especially with velvet skirts.
KIM: Children of America, do not resort to petty name-calling, especially with your sister. Because when the aforementioned interior designer tries to glue you to his/her dashboard, and you punch him/her in the nose, your sister might not bail you out of the pokey.
KOURTNEY: Just for that, I will take New York without you. Just like I already took Miami. Keep up with THAT, beeyotch.
KIM: Indeed. Don’t forget to wear a seatbelt! Do you want to borrow mine?
KIM: That was a trick question. Children of America, do not give away your seatbelts.
KOURTNEY: I’m starting to think being glued to some idiot’s dashboard would make for a more fun evening.