There were some folks wigging out on Twitter this weekend because this film opened with a fairly low box office — although it was the top money-maker at the movies this weekend — and honestly, despite the fact that I’ve been covering the press junket all week, I myself actually thought it opened on Christmas. (Shouldn’t this movie open on Christmas?)  I am not sure that I think it’s realistic to expect the audience for West Side Story to race out opening weekend the way they (or perhaps I should say “we,” as I am definitely in said audience) would have before the pandemic. (Variety even notes, “[w]hat remains clear, though, is that adult crowds have been staying at home. Most movies that have managed to become commercially successful have been catered to younger males.”) ANYWAY, it’ll be interesting to see if this film picks up steam between now and the new year. And it’s always interesting to see what folks are wearing to promote it.

[Photos: Gustavo Caballero/South Beach Photo/Shutterstock]