America Ferrera had an event honoring her Barbie role, and she looked nice enough — I’d have pumped up the lipstick, as usual, and used the white as a canvas for fun shoes, but whatever. The point of the post is really to share with you the lovefest that is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (link for anyone who doesn’t see Instagram embeds):


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They’re all wearing a touch of pink, but of course Blake is the one who went FULL Barbie. Blake physically is almost more Barbie than anyone in Barbie, including Barbie. There is something very heartwarming about four women who met as girls, on a film set, being best friends decades later because they didn’t play into any idiotic rivalry tropes. I love this for all of them. Though I do still think one of them should have a pair of jeans in her purse.

[Photo: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images]