You may know Julia from Bunheads, although she’s at Build Series right now to promote¬†The Affair, a show that I admit I thought was over. (I guess it needed the promotion!) I love her for noting, on her Instagram, that she’s dressed like “a presidential hopeful,” and also I wish Elizabeth Warren would roll up to the debates in this Alexander Wang suit, just to see what would happen.

Other things I love: 

This fabric!

Her brogues!

Wearing wacky sunglasses!

The fact that whoever took this photo took it from an unusual side of the entrance to Build Series, capturing actual New York streets behind her, complete with a tour bus, MANY roll-y bags, and an irritated woman with a crossbody purse who’s just trying to get to Sweet Greens.

Things I don’t love:

Why those pants are doing that there at the bottom. I don’t like it.

[Photo: ROGER WONG/]