The color of the night was chrome at pretty much every Renaissance Tour stop, so it tracks that it would be the theme at the concert film’s premiere. Beyonce’s flick drew out a LOT of celebrity guests, and many of them blew it out, as did the singer herself — literally, in a sense, as she went with pin-straight hair. And then the lighting blew her out, for good measure:

I’m perplexed. Yes, Beyonce looks great in that sleek Versace, but what she does NOT look like is: Beyonce. Somebody better-versed in the visual language of Beyonce can probably parse this decision to show up — at the movie of a tour that truly crowned her as one of her generation’s premier entertainers — looking like about six other people. I’m seeing a Kardashian crossed with Lady Gaga, tossed with some Targaryen DNA. I DO think Bey would make an effective Mother of Dragons, but as far as I’m currently aware, nobody has invented those yet and so she’s getting way ahead of herself with this. I’m sure Elon Musk is working on it, which also means they’ll probably incinerate us all.

[Photos: Amy Sussman, Emma McIntyre, Kevin Winter/WireImage]