RACHEL: Hi, Rachel.

RACHEL: Hi, Rachel!

RACHEL: I’m so glad we are promoting Disobedience together.

RACHEL: Me too! Because you will wear something crazy.

RACHEL: No, you will wear something crazy.

RACHEL: And everyone will be wondering why, so they won’t even look at me.

RACHEL: No, they won’t look at me, because you are confusing them.

RACHEL: So if we’re both confusing them…

RACHEL: … then neither of us is escaping…

RACHEL: … and we’re both gonna have regrets tomorrow.

RACHEL: You didn’t think this through.

RACHEL: No, you didn’t think this through.

RACHEL: Which one of us is even talking? I always forget to keep track.

RACHEL: Doesn’t matter.

2018 Tribeca Film Festival -

Rachel Weisz is in Chloe — her first appearance since announcing her pregnancy at age 48, which I almost just called a miracle baby, which… that’s fair, right? Even with IVF, at 48 that’s fairly scientifically significant. Anyway, far be it from me to try and understand what a pregnant woman’s hormones are doing; maybe she had to cut those slits into her sleeves for added armpit ventilation, and then had to shackle them to her upper arms so that they wouldn’t drop off. If I were her, I’d certainly use those excuses. Because at least she has some.

US Premiere of 'Disobedience' At the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival Presented by AT&T, New York, USA - 24 Apr 2018

McAdams’ only out is to say that she chose this while blindfolded.

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