Raise a glass to WHEEEEEEdom: The end of the Oscars means the beginning of GFY HQ’s terribly serious discussions about who to nominate for Fug Madness — our yearly bracket pitting the worst and the weirdest in celebrity fashion against each other.

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If you’d like to know more about past winners, please visit our Wall of Fame, which includes full brackets from every season and our deliberately cheesy “One Fugging Moment” videos commemorating the year that was. Every year our GFY HQ Director of Post-Production looks forward to what he can do with the lyric, “The ball is tipped.” (I assume.)

The usual rules are the same: The contest begins with anything worn after the Oscars in 2016, all the way through the Oscars that just finished. So, the period of eligibility in terms of posts on GFY is March 3, 2016, to March 1, 2017.

It will be an interesting time, given that our first back-to-back winner, Kim Kardashian, absented herself from the public eye for much of it. Do the fashion crimes she committed beforehand (and occasionally after) still validate a high seeding? These are the questions that prey upon our times.

Anyway, please use the comments of this post to make your suggestions. Which celebs do you think deserve to make the field of 64? Who are unlikely high seeds, and has anyone plunged down the list? We’ll take it all into consideration when we disappear into our bunker. Get ready… get set…

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