The people: Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr, his… I don’t know. They were engaged, then they weren’t, then they went to this event together and maybe are back together, but Wikipedia claims they’ve still called off their engagement. So…

The place: Some gala for retired NBA players that… maybe really needs to read the global room right now? I know it’s not my job to worry but seriously if anyone near the NBA seems potentially at-risk, it’s Lamar.

The palpitation I had: What’s more obvious from the large photo is that her arm is hidden under her partial cape, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I glance at this — especially in the thumbnail size — I think she has a hand growing out of her thigh. ¬†Look at it smaller and see:

2020 Retired Player's Ball - A Black Tie Affair Fundraiser Gala
I mean, if you have a hand or an arm growing out of your hip bone, okay! Things happen! (Unless Dr. Moreau grafted it to you.) But it’s a very SURPRISING place to see a hand, or an arm. I wasn’t ready for it. This dress is a precarious enough proposition as it is.
[Photo: Getty]