This show was weird, as a mostly virtual Best Of awards show would be under the best of circumstances. I will say that MTV is GREAT at finessing these productions from a technical perspective. Almost everything was green-screened or Zoomed in, and all the audience sound was fake, and yet it felt as seamless as possible — to the point where it was a little Uncanny Valley. Host Vanessa Hudgens was very adept and professional, even with the corniest stuff they had her do, and had great energy, especially since she was playing to only the crew. And there was at least one truly excellent haircut. But also, this show played a lot off of “goat” jokes, including having a giant-ass ram’s head in the back of the stage and…I mean, the people working on this saw The Witch, right? And know that the goat is a symbol for Satan in a lot of creative/religious works? IS THIS REALLY THE ENERGY WE NEED RIGHT NOW?????

[Photos: Photo by Kevin Mazur/2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards/Getty Images, My TV]