The caption on this from our photo service was, “Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum.” WHOOPS. I have to hand it to Michelle, who landed in a SUPER messy personal situation and got People to give her a real PR whitewash — its exclusive, with photo, pulled quotes about love FROM her Vanity Fair cover story that debuted her Elverum marriage and yet didn’t mention him (nor Kail’s wife) ONCE — and STILL somehow managed to come out of it with people mostly just wanting her to be happy. She then gave a superb speech when she won for Fosse/Verdon (another one in fact; parenthetically, I love that a project that started out in development about Fosse and then became about Verdon ALSO ended up about her in the awards tally) and amid the cogent and moving political themes, I felt like there was some coded bits about a woman’s choices being HER choices that also pointed a little to said interpersonal drama, as if to be like, “I had reasons for my decisions and THEY ARE MINE and THIS WAS A CHOICE.” I don’t know. It was an interesting and many-layered monologue, swirling around multiple contexts. Let’s make THAT show next.

[Photos: Shutterstock]