The Glass Onion is still a good movie! Stream it this weekend! But wow, how are Janelle and Kate awake at this point? Maybe that’s why Janelle keeps posing so hard in these zany Thom Browne getups: It’s her source of adrenalin. Although, clearly we did get a few regular poses, as seen above. It feels as if there cannot possibly be a Thom Browne she hasn’t worn yet, but I know we will be proven wrong with events 148-1073, as I believe now they will be promoting this movie until the end of time.

Kate’s outfit is appropriately bananas. The off-center trend will never NOT set my teeth on edge. I want to yank that thing back into line so badly. It looks like she slammed it in a car door and walked away without realizing it, and the whole thing shifted on her, which reminds me of every skirt I wore to work — back in prehistoric times — and how it would slowly swirl itself around until suddenly the zipper was sitting at my 1 o’clock.

Luckily, this Christian Siriano is delightful:

BAFTA: A Life in Pictures, Kate Hudson, supported by TCL, London, UK - 16 Dec 2022

She’s going to be GREAT as Santa Claus’s new publicist.

[Photos: David Fisher/Shutterstock]