I am beginning to think that Katerina Graham here just has a really potent fetish for giant jewelry.

If this thing were two inches shorter it might even work, on some level, with her wet-look dress (although I think she’d also need plainer shoes, to keep the bling as the focal point). But the way it tumbles down to her sternum recalls a really clumsy game of Tetris — the kind where you don’t realize your fingers are on the wrong keys and you’re screaming, “WHY WON’T IT ROTATE WTF OMG I HATE YOU.” Which has, of course, NEVER happened to me.

And this morning, my friend texted me this:

The note said, “Katerina is singing as… a soldier genie?” To which I replied, “Katerina sings?!?” Because, you know, the soldier genie part seems kind of par for the course.