This is sort of a bizarre combo of Leona Lewis, SWINTON, and American Beauty, which I suspect all of these people would consider a compliment:

But I will give her this: Even if it takes twenty minutes for her to go to the bathroom, it turns out having a pants rise that is almost as long as the inseam does make a girl’s legs look longer, which is fine, I guess, as long as you’re okay with your chest looking like a shark attack.

Here, Kat went with something more familiar — that same old black bustier she loves so much, and a skirt (or is that pants?!?) that gives off the air that she snuck out of somebody’s house without bottoms and had to improvise. Maria Von Trapp would be hanging her head, moaning that Kat is giving a bad name to the art of making clothes out of curtains. But what I love the most is Kat’s expression. It says, “Damn, Candice, is your mirror only from the waist up?” Same could be said of both of them, although actually, usually I suspect Kat’s mirror stops at the neck.