I think I’ve mentioned here many times that I am obsessed with how terrible Secret Life of the American Teenager is. Look, I LOVE me some ABC Family, but the seventy-five seconds of that show that I catch every week at the end of my recordings of Switched at Birth are rivetingly terrible. By only watching the Previouslys, I am totally capable of keeping up with whatever is happening and it’s always ABSURD for a show about high school students. HARDLY ANY AMERICAN TEENAGERS BELIEVE THEIR DAD DIED IN A PLANE CRASH BECAUSE THEY HAD GREAT SEX (this was an actual plot point last season). Add that to the fact that everyone on that show sounds like a robot, and you have one riveting trainwreck (that apparently other people find seriously riveting, since it gets amazing ratings). ANYWAY: Francia Raisa here plays the show’s resident Slutty Bad Girl, who was appropriately punished for her Slutty Crimes by getting pregnant and then losing the baby and then losing her boyfriend, who is kind of a wet blanket anyway. Why are there only like two dudes at that school? Why don’t any of them use condoms? Why?

2011 NCLR ALMA Awards - Arrivals

All that being said, it feels apt that someone on a show people almost fully by wooden actors would show up somewhere wearing something better suited to hanging from a curtain rod.