If she’d just stopped at her chin, we’d be fine. Unfortunately, that would make her a floating head, and short of Passions that’s not often to be found.

This IS separates, right? I’m not crazy? It looks like a lampshade and a turtleneck. The latter of which is making things look akimbo in the boobular region. As for the former, why is there a seam up the front? Did it swivel on her and she didn’t notice? What IS happening around the waist here? Why is Julianna Margulies so fabulous and yet this outfit so underwhelming? Why don’t they ever let her hair be curly on The Good Wife? Why do the wigs she’s wearing instead seem SO VERY wiggy right now? Why is that show ruining Kalinda? Why do I still love it even though the aforementioned Kalinda scenes are unwatchable? Why can’t she follow Jason Street over to Hart of Dixie and chase him around with a baseball bat some more? So many questions.

[Photo: Getty]