You might need some of these over the next week or so. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.

It’s an exciting time!

You might find yourself needing Idris Elba to give you some moral support:

Or a thumbs up from Cap:

You might get hungry:

You might need to shove marshmallows into your mouth:

Your hunger might prove to be your undoing:

You might turn to alcohol:

You may drunkenly start dancing:

You might be OVERCOME WITH JOY and need to embrace your beloved:

You might fall into the pool:

You may tell people to kiss you:

At the very least, you may need to flirt:

You may be exasperated:

Something SHOCKING might happen!

You may HATE your Christmas gifts:

You may desire that all those around you SHUT UP:


You may need to remind people of proper etiquette:

You might just…need this:

And then, of course, Kellen Lutz WILL SHOW UP:

Happy holidays, Fug Nation!

All gifs via GIPHY

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