Unless she’s been doing some home repair in a subterranean crawlspace, I can’t think of a good reason for Mischa’s shorts to be so frayed that they turn her pelvis into Venetian blinds.

Well, no reason short of a pair of scissors, some old O.C. DVDs, and a burning rage that Rachel Bilson and Ben McKenzie are both back in TV, and Olivia Wilde is back in EVERYTHING, and Autumn Reeser just had a job, and Peter Gallagher is on Covert Affairs, and Kelly Rowan just did that ABC Family movie about bullying, and Alan Dale is still being a stern old dude on various TV shows, and… well. Seeing that list, I’d be bummed out and stabbing my pants, too. Can’t somebody throw her one last bone? Jersey Shore is probably hiring, right? I’d love to see Marissa “Drunk For Ten Minutes Before Throwing A Deck Chair” Cooper face off against Snooki “Snooki” Snooki and her wookiee feet.

[Photo: WENN.com]