Personally, I’m excited that Simon Cowell pushed so hard to make Cheryl Cole a judge on The X-Factor. Yes, it smacks of trying super hard to make her happen, but she also dresses like a lunatic a lot of the time and so bringing her stateside is like giving us a gift of fug that, we hope, will never stop giving.

The weird thing is, there’s something sort of cute about this outfit. The sum of its parts is totally 1970s Snooki — I appreciate big hair, but that is so stereotypically Jersey that it actually just joined a Springsteen cover band — but each individual thing is maybe not the worst. The shirt? Cute. The belt? Cute, with a different outfit — or maybe just the shirt, especially if the shirt were actually a dress. The pants: great color, surprisingly flattering for high-waisted trousers, yet in desperate need of a tailor so that they’re not acting as sleep masks for her toes. They might even also work with the shirt, with a different colored belt. Have at her in the comments, Fug Nation — give Cheryl Cole an nice, sturdy, welcome-to-the-USA unfugging. And also, come see what Paula’s doing.