Listen, I REALLY enjoyed¬†Game of Thrones as a whole — there in the middle, it was a GREAT soap opera, and it was always a fun show to watch, even when it had issues. (And, not for nothing, it was one of the few shows that almost all of Twitter watched live, together, and the communal jokes and discussion and analysis was often hugely fun and satisfying.)¬† Do I think the Emmys needed to act last night as if the entire cast had actually narrowly escaped death? Y’all, no. (I found it weird that the two shows the telecast made a huge deal about ending were both on HBO; I love VEEP, too, but a LOT of shows ended this year. Where was the standing ovation for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?) ANYWAY! That had nothing to do with the cast, and they really wore some STUFF. Let’s admire, and also judge.

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