This had been rumored for AGES, but it’s finally been confirmed: HBC is stepping into Vanessa Kirby’s heels to take over the role of Princess Margaret in the next season of The Crown , joining Olivia Colman as The Queen and Tobias Menzies as Philip, the World’s Whiniest Man. (I suspect it took some time to figure out the salaries, given that Netflix has now decreed that no one in the cast shall make more money than she who plays Her Majesty, and my guess would be that HBC originally had a higher ask than Olivia.) For my money, she’s technically a bit old for this part when seen in concert with Colman, but I also think she’ll probably be able to swing it, and I definitely think she’s going to be fun. I hope we get into the bit where her friend Colin Tennant decides to buy an entire island and whoops loses all his money. Not because that’s historically hugely significant, but mostly because Rich Aristocrat Was Mistaken to Buy Island is one of my favorite subplots in general. There is a reason I subscribe to Tatler.

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