Between yesterday’s Rihanna slideshow and this one, it may seem like GFY is suddenly the Rihanna Channel. Not our intention. The girl just keeps going outside. She is relentless. Or just restless. Either way, she is replete with the joys of sartorial wackitude. This dress bedecked with roses, from which her chest is, er, blossoming, is relatively inoffensive and kind of reminds me of the end of Ice Castles, where — SPOILER ALERT for anyone who has just realized in the last thirty seconds that he or she has had a Ice Castles on VHS for 25 years and still really intends to watch it someday — she’s skating and she’s blind (!) and nobody knew (!!) until now (!!!) because she needs help off the ice (!!!!) because of all the roses everyone threw for her performance (!!!!!). So I will always have fond thoughts of this. But, as ever, it’s totally not the only thing RiRi wore (hence, the slideshow). See? RELENTLESS.