Katy Perry and Darius Rucker (HOOTIE!) performed a song of hers together, acoustically, to stirring effect. It made me remember how great live music is, and how fun the attendant awards shows can be when people add a new twist to what we’ve all heard on iTunes. Which is why it was such a bummer that every other performance appeared to be lip-synched. This isn’t new, obviously — it happens all the time, for better or worse — and, also as usual, many of them tried to compensate for that with big showmanship. But if all these Covid risks were going to be taken, I wish it had been in aid of a COUPLE more artistic stretches. Otherwise we could have just made an AMAs Spotify platlist and called it a night.

Note: If someone wore the same thing they did on the red carpet, I didn’t repeat them here. Sorry, Bell Biv Devoe! Next time bring more jackets.

[Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp, ABC/WDTV]