This was a very stacked category for the men. I have watched all of Better Call Saul in the last two weeks and thus I am currently enraged that Bob Odenkirk didn’t win; I am sure Jason Bateman is fine in Ozark, but I confess I was a little surprised he won this one. For no real reason that I can put my finger on, though! (Am I perhaps still mad at him for this?) As far as the women go, the SAGs apparently are watching ONLY Ozark and The Crown. (A programming note: We covered Olivia Colman earlier today, and Julia Garner did not attend.) And once again, Gillian Anderson — who I LOVE but this is not her best performance — takes home the hardware. Do we think that actors just love voting for an accent? Does Jason Bateman do an Ozarkian accent in Ozark? 

Anyway, while I didn’t love Gillian’s Thatcher, I do think she looks AMAZING, although I grunted with irritation when I saw that she’s wearing D&G. We’ve got some close-ups of her Chopard jewels in the slide show, but this is a better look at her dress than anything I could get:


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I get why she wanted to wear that, because she looks stellar. It does seem like a lot of different designers could do something similar, though — in fact, it sort of reminds me of this Rodarte that Brie Larson wore. Meanwhile, Emma Corrin’s dress is (like it or not) definitely only something you’d get from Prada.

Speaking of folks on The Crown, this might be my favorite of Josh O’Connor’s recent awards season looks:


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Check out the detail on his boutonniere, which is the second pic here:


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That’s really neat.

[Photos: Christina Ebenezer for Prada, Gillian Anderson courtesy of Chopard, Shutterstock for SAG, 27th Annual SAG Awards/Getty Images for WarnerMedia, Jessica Frances Dukes via Getty Images, SAGAwards2021 via Getty Images]